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Oral Cholera Vaccine stockpile for cholera emergency response

Global burden of cholera
The real global burden of cholera is unknown. In cholera endemic countries, an estimated 1.4 billion people are at risk of cholera each year1 and 2.8 million cholera cases (uncertainty range: 1.4–4.3) and 91 000 cholera deaths (uncertainty range 28,000 to 142,000) occur every year. Another 87 000 cases and 2500 deaths are expected in non-endemic countries annually.
Slow progress in providing access to safe water and sanitation to underserved populations, limitations of surveillance systems for early detection of cholera outbreaks, and lack of access to timely and appropriate healthcare have contributed to this burden of disease.Other factors contributing to make cholera a public health priority are the emergence in 1992 of new strains of V. cholerae more virulent and causing more severe clinical manifestations, the increased antimicrobial resistance, climate change and rapid and unplanned urbanization.Children under five bear the greatest burden of cholera and account for about half of the estimated cholera deaths.
Effective cholera prevention and treatment regimens are well established, yet cholera remains poorly controlled in both outbreak and endemic contexts.
In recent years two large national cholera epidemics in Zimbabwe and Haiti, which resulted in thousands of cases and deaths, focused the world’s attention on the need not only to control endemic disease but also to put in place improved epidemic cholera preparedness and response measures.

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