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South Sudan - Cholera Prevention and Response Plan

Below is the South Sudan operational response plan for 2017.



Cholera is endemic in South Sudan and its neighboring countries where recurrent outbreaks continue to be
reported with both local and cross-border spread. Since the 2013 crisis, three cholera outbreaks have been reported
in South Sudan in 2014, 2015, and 2016.The outbreaks have typically occurred during the rainy
season in states along the big rivers. Internally displaced persons, refugees and other areas with high
concentrations of people have a higher risk of suffering cholera outbreaks and have reported cholera cases during
this period.


  • To strengthen the coordination of epidemic preparedness and response at all levels
  • To ensure adequate prepositioning of cholera buffer stock and other medical supplies in all the states
  • To enhanced surveillance activities at all levels to reduce the spread of outbreak
  • To improve case management and infection control protocols at health facility level
  • To ensure comprehensive WASH interventions in all IDP sites and within the host communities at
    community and facility level
  • To strengthen social mobilization and health promotion activities
  • To develop communication strategies and key messages.
  • Complementary use of safe and effective oral cholera vaccines to prevent and control cholera outbreaks.