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Cholera Outbreaks in Central and West Africa : 2016 Regional Update - Week 02

DRC: Maintining the alert in the provinces of Haut Lomami (Bukama, Kinkondja), Lualaba (Lubudi) and
Haut-Katanga (Kikula, Likasi and Katuba).    

With 85 cases and 3 deaths in the first week of 2016 and 151 and 7 deaths in week 2, the former province of Katanga (now split in Haut Katanga, Haut Lomami, Tanganyika, Lualaba) has started 2016 with a high cholera incidence, compared to the ones recorded at the same period from 2009-2015 (see adjacent graphic representation). Operational actors are called on reinforcing field investigation of cholera cases to identify the routes of transmission, ensuring proper targeting of their interventions, based on field investigations so as to improve efficiency and effectiveness of the response and finally preventing further propagation to cholera-prone areas such as Tanganyika province. At the end of week 2, the number of reported cholera cases in Kalémie, Moba and Nyemba remained quite limited.

No other country of the WCA region reported cholera cases, except for Nigeria where cholera epidemiological surveillance reports could not yet be gathered up to date.

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