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Cholera Outbreaks in Central and West Africa : 2016 Regional Update - Week 10

Highlights at mid-march 2016

Democratic Republic of Congo: Important increase in the number of cholera cases in Tshopo province (164 cases in W10 incl. 7 deaths – CFR=4.3%), notably in Basoko district (74% of the total number of cases) and Yahuma district where case fatality ratio are really high (17.6% in the 2 last consecutive weeks).

Benin: The riparian commune of Aguégué has been affected by a cholera outbreak since week 7 (15 to 21 february 2016). As a reminder, this epidemic started in Aholoukomè village, Houédomé area, where 13 cases suffering from diarrheoa and vomiting were reported (lab confirmed as Vibrio cholera O1). As of March 20th (end of Week 11), a total of sixty-nine (69) cholera cases were registered: 59 cases incl. 17 under 5 years of were reported in Houédomé and Avakpodji health centers (commune of Aguégués) and 9 cases incl. 8 under 5 years old from Ahomey-Gbon area, commune of So-Ava. Actors involved in the response are hihghlighting challenges to control the epidemic in Lake Nokoué Basin.

Nigeria : As of March, only Jigawa and Kano states notified cholera suspected cases, with respectively 10 cases – 0 deaths (W10) and 60 cumulative cases and 0 deaths (since the onset of the epidemic in Kano in W8).

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