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Cholera - Lake Chad and South of Guinea Gulf basins

Cholera - Lake Chad and South of Guinea Gulf basins
Geographical representation of Cholera cumulative cases - Week W1 to W53 (2015)

Lake Chad basin

5 472 cases in the lake chad basin in which Nigeria on itself reported around 96% of total cases. By the end of 2015, Nigeria remained affected by cholera outbreak
in Borno State. On the contrary, Chad did not report any cholera case and managed to be vigilant, implementing cholera prevention activities in Mayo Kebbi.
Niger had reported in the 5 first weeks of 2015 51 cholera cases and was not affected afterwards.
Finally Cameroon was the most affected by the situation in Nigeria (last reported cases in Bibemi, North region on week 48). However, the cholera response activities implemented in the North and Extreme North managed to contain the epidemic and especially prevent further transmission in Chad notably. »

South of Guinea Gulf Basin

937 cases by the end of 2015, no country was affected by cholera outbreak. Since week 43, Ghana has managed to prevent any new cholera case which accounted for the end of the epidemic (in 2015, 687 cases in total).
Besides, Togo and Côte d’Ivoire affected at the beginning of the year have been cholera-free since respectively the week 5 and 46 – suspected case negative through lab
confirmation). Benin did not notify any case throughout 2015, despite the cases in Togo, Ghana and Nigeria.

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